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Professional Actors Workshop Success Stories

Posted Date: 29 January 2010 at 12:17:02PM

Congratulations to thefollowing young actors who have taken part in either the Australian Professional Actors Workshop or Professional Actors Workshop Sydney in 2009 as they have been successful in signing with Talent Agents/Managers in Los Angeles. Various other actors who have participated in the program are currently in negotiations and it is expected that at least 10 of them will sign with a Manager or Agent as a direct result of the Professional Actors Workshop 2009.



Mojean Arios

Attended PAW Sydney 2009

Signed with Roses Entertainment (Manager) in Los Angeles



Louis Hunter

Attended APAW 2009

Signed with The Gersh Agency in Beverly Hills

Current clients of the agency include Kristen Stewart, Selma Blair, Jeff Goldblum, Robert Carlyle & Carrie Fisher



Danielle MacDonald

Attended APAW 2009

Signed with Marshak/Zachary (Manager) in Beverly Hills

Danielle will be testing for a US TV Pilot tomorrow...Good Luck Dani!!!


Actors Clayton Adams and Anni Lindner who attended APAW 2009 are also in negotiations with Agents & Managers in LA.









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