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Caitlin's Daily Blog # 1

Posted Date: 25 May 2010 at 04:42:08PM

Today was my first day of work experience at KHC, luckily, with the helpful guidance of Kari and Alicia! Beginning with an overview of the casting world and everything else that these two work on and I was left feeling a little mind boggled to say the least.


Kari showed me the ropes for quoting on projects, different casting terminologies, technology used, how things are priced, the difference between offshore and Australian talent fees and an entire world of new casting knowledge. As I said, I was feeling a little overwhelmed so it flew by in a flap and for the first time in my life I found percentage maths fun!


By a stroke of luck, I have managed to beautifully time my work experience as I will be involved in the casting of a project from start to finish. After looking through the Director's treatment on everything from lighting to wardrobe to the cast in the spot I was guided into another stage by Alicia as we prepped the casting and sent the brief out to the wide world of Showcast!


Day 1...a success.


- Caitlin Burley




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