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Caitlin's Daily Blog # 2

Posted Date: 26 May 2010 at 04:31:00PM

I was off to a great start today and learned that becoming a mail man is not in my best interests. I just couldn't find the mail room anywhere!


Back in the office I was given a job by the lovely Alicia that I was more suited duty. Then I set to work reading an amazing screenplay that I started yesterday. I love it! I hope it ends up being produced and if KHC is casting, I'll be expecting a job as some sort of assistant...


Next on the agenda: booking a casting. Wow. Headshots! Headshots! Headshots! I'll be going home and scrutinising mine! I don't think I'm quite up to Kari's level at selecting the right talent to fit the brief at her speed and accuracy. Although I think I improved, I mean, I was able to tell the more obvious choices and had a fairly strong picture of how I imagined the spot after reading the director's notes.


Then it was on to an afternoon of booking go-sees, informing excited actors of their meeting with KHC and repeating information that they had, in their flustered state, forgotten to write down. I understood where they were coming from and was happy to help. I've now mastered the art of answering phones and even conquered my fear of leaving voice messages...


Day 2...success.


- Caitlin Burley




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