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Caitlin's Daily Blog # 3

Posted Date: 28 May 2010 at 11:19:41AM

Well hasn't the rain just been pouring down? And Sydney traffic was a shocker! Lucky for me I had Alicia and Kari to keep the jokes rolling all car trip long. They're plain crazy really - and it's fabulous!

Back in professional mode, we arrived at TAR in time for a casting. I was very excited...!

My job was to beckon awaiting actors into the studio, where we exchanged pieces of paper, I mispronounced their names, apologised profusely and then took their picture... once again, not my calling in life... but they were all gorgeous so it was impossible to take a bad photo of any of them.


Standing behind the camera for a change I experienced a hell of an eye opener. Watching the monitor as well as the live action was interesting. Combined with Kari's expertise in directing and understanding the talent, in order to maximise their performance, I saw the huge difference that something as minimal as the eye-line, camera angle or the actor's expression/movement could have in the overall visual. The camera picks up everything!


From an actor's perspective my tip for the day would be: take a chance, dare to be different and make the scene your own. Keep in mind that this does not mean you need to do something utterly wacky...


Back in the office I sat down to watch the auditions online with a beautiful hot chocolate from downstairs... work can be really tough sometimes... :)


Day 3...massive success


- Caitlin Burley




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