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Caitlin's Daily Mega-Blog # 4 & 5 combined

Posted Date: 28 May 2010 at 04:46:37PM

From the moment I woke I could smell adventure. Starting with a van running into the front of the car before I even got to work. When I finally arrived at the office the day became even more crazy... an intense session at the cinema watching the feel good romantic comedy, ‘The Back Up Plan'. Who knew going to the movies is work? Although Kari and Alicia did put my film review skills to the test.

Then all of a sudden it was Friday. I can't believe this week is already over. I don't want to go back to school. I want to continue doing my data entries, mail checks, and of course, who can forget the beloved kitchen duty? They were the highlight of my day. Sigh *

Kari and Alicia were also quite good company. They are lots of fun and giggles. Thank you for making my work experience week so utterly fabulous! I hope that whatever I end up doing with my life I can bounce out of bed every morning in anticipation as I have been for the past week!

Running out of time now! Let's see... why do I like casting?

Well I like looking at the Director's treatment and then getting this vision in my head of how it should look. Then you have the chance to help bring that vision to life. You select the appropriate people to perform it for you and they really want to get the job so they listen to you and they're willing to try out what you say. I love when people bring something new to the table and that's exciting.

You get to work with actors, direct, work the camera, be creative, let your imagination run wild, talk to people and do a bit of writing too!

Day 4 & 5...mega success.


- Caitlin Burley




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