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Showcast Now Available to Casting Professionals in America and the UK

Posted Date: 05 July 2010 at 12:57:32PM

With video and mobile technologies growing exponentially, it was only a matter of time
before casting went global.


Web auditions are now being uploaded for overseas casting directors in a matter
of minutes; casting directors are auditioning actors live via video links; and online showreels
are providing 24/7 access to performers, with no boundaries. In recognition of this, the
IACD is 100% committed to providing a modern, global network for performers, casting
professionals and agents.


Showcast has long seen the advantage of being part of a global casting network. That is
why we are one of the founding members of the decade old IACD. Other members
Spotlight, UK and Breakdown Services, USA share our vision for the future. As the most
established and respected casting services in our respective territories, IACD members
listen to our respective communities, share the latest information, and work together to
develop services that make it as simple as possible for casting directors to find
actors, whether this is locally and globally.


We are therefore delighted to let you know that the Casting Society of America and the
Casting Directors Guild of Great Britain now have exclusive access to Showcast's database
of performing talent from Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to be showcasing the
talent of Down Under performers and encouraging overseas productions to source our local
talent, for production based both here and overseas.


As a member of SHOWCAST you not only benefit from this exclusive arrangement but if
you register before the September deadline you will also be a part of the 50th Anniversary
edition of SHOWCAST Publications. It will be a record release throughout the Australian
and New Zealand casting communities.


The deadline for the 50th edition of SHOWCAST is September 3. Register before the
deadline to win 1 in 5 FlipTM Video Cameras. If you have already registered, good news
you're in the draw!


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