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Posted Date: 13 August 2010 at 03:30:11PM

So Alicia recently spoke about her friend Matt from our home town in Canada. She said he was intending to come to Australia for a visit since he loves it here. She was concerned because he is in a wheel chair and she didn't know if her apartment would be wheel chair accessible...


Do you think she needed to be concerned?


Check out Matt and the fun he gets up to in his chair.


Matt and his buddy Karim just launched a new website for their non-profit adventure company called 9 Lives.


Somehow I don't think Alicia needs to be concerned about how Matt is going to get into her apartment...he'll find a way. Even if it means building a pulley and lever system to somehow hoist himself in through her window! Matt is a truly inspirational young man who doesn't let anything stand in his way.


Karim and Matt need our help to fund a 9 Lives tour from Cairns to Sydney where they will promote adrenalin sports for disabled people and others who need a bit of empowerment and healing through facing their fears and living out their dreams. If you would like to help 9 Lives get off the ground and affect positive change for those who may be struggling and for many more to come then please donate to their 9 Lives Australian Adventure fund.



If you are interested in joining 9 Lives please visit the website and get in touch. The 9 Lives boys would love to hear from you!







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