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Posted Date: 19 October 2010 at 04:31:09PM

Facebook Group Extraordinaire for Actors, Writers and Filmmakers in Sydney. Hub of creative intellectuals looking to collaborate. Free to join. Not for profit. Created by Dan Balcaban.


Want to attend weekly workshops as part of a group of creatives developing craft without the price tag attached? As part of the Acting Biz group you can split the cost of a room hire, get together, break down scripts, film each other, collaborate, discuss and play. Think of it as a weekly yoga class for your craft. Thespians who want to stay inspired, active and limber!


You choose whether you want a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly fix of creative expression. It's there for you. You can also network on the facebook page, post play and/or film updates, links and ideas.


So if you're looking for a bit of acting mojo and you want to network with some proactive, inspiring, passionate people, then join Acting Biz. You won't be disappointed.


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