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Day 1 - The Perils of the Drama School Audition

Posted Date: 23 November 2011 at 01:53:17PM

I recently made the mistake of mentioning that I wanted to audition for drama school this month, but that I was unsure. I should have bitten my tongue because Kari asked me to write a blog on the experience! There's no backing out now!


So, here I am, anonymously commiserating with you other committed actors on the perils of the drama school audition. Queue dramatic music here.


I have hummed and hawed for years about whether or not I should audition. I mean, do I really want to commit to almost three years of rigorous acting training, put life and work aside and totally prostrate myself at the feet of my art? Well apparently yes because just yesterday I applied. In the nick of time too as auditions are next week!


This means I have exactly one week to prepare two monologues, one Shakespeare and one contemporary. On top of that I have two jobs, one freelance writing business and another part-time consultancy business. "How on earth will she do it?" you may be asking...and I might be asking the same thing!


However, one thing I've learned about the human spirit is that when we believe in ourselves anything is possible. I believe I have what it takes to nail my audition. I believe I know what is necessary for my preparation and I believe that no matter what happens it is a worthy experience at this stage in life and career. Despite my niggling fears I think, how could it be bad? Walking through fears and stepping out of comfort zones is how we grow. Otherwise we risk always doing the same old dreary things and never pioneering our own destinies, however grand or simple they may be.


And so, without further adieu, I plunge head first into re-reading the two plays out of which I have chosen my monologues and start with given circumstances and objectives. I've forgotten how time consuming this is...but no! There is no time for doubt, faith and belief must prevail!


And, as if the universe is listening, I stumble upon this inspirational quote -


"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother." - Gibran, Kahlil


How about them apples?


Stay tuned.







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