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Day 2 - The Audition Looms Closer

Posted Date: 05 December 2011 at 10:01:00AM

Preparation begins with a full day of work. Like many actors, although I am preparing for one of the most important auditions of my life, I still have to work! So, day job then home, supermarket, dinner, kitchen clean up and finally it's preparation time. I make a cup of tea and settle in to re-read the contemporary play I have chosen for my first monologue.


It's only nine o'clock, but my eyes are drooping already. This is the boring part so let's rewind to yesterday when I actually made this hair brained decision to audition for Actors Centre Australia's full time acting course.


I'm nearly thirty and the idea of going back to full time study is daunting, which is why I've been pondering the idea all year, never one hundred percent convinced about whether or not I should do it. I have sat comfortably on the fence until...


KHC caught wind and decided to throw me a curve ball. Do the audition, write a blog about it and they'll provide coaching to help me prepare. I'm not an idiot so I agreed. It's not beyond me that it's terribly generous. I know the cost of a good acting coach and I'd probably have to sell one of my kidneys to afford one. The acting Gods have shone on me this week!


So here I am, preparing to be coachable and it all starts with reading. Thankfully it's not a long play and after a solid two hours I'm ready to dive into the given circumstances. Another hour and I have successfully mined the play, my character and am pondering objectives. I forgot how fun this is so I stay up until after midnight before my head finally hits the pillow.


I read something that Oprah said recently about how you know you're in your ‘sweet spot' when instead of feeling exhausted and drained after completing a task you feel energized and buoyant. I fall asleep grinning because tonight I have been in my sweet spot and the fun has only just begun.







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