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Day 6 - The Key to a Powerful Audition...

Posted Date: 06 December 2011 at 11:23:18AM



I say again...coaching!


Wow, I have never felt so prepared for an audition. Imagine an expert giving you notes and helping you shape your piece. It is absolutely invaluable.


I had already laid the foundation through my understanding of the plays and characters, their objectives, their obstacles, I had learned my lines, but as soon as I started blocking out my first monologue with Kari, it really began to take form.


By the time the two hours were up, I felt confident. My nerves had settled and even though I would have liked another week to workshop my pieces I knew that at least I was in good stead. I would give a solid audition, something well shaped and thought out, from my heart. Enough to be considered at the very least.


Obviously, we don't all have an acting coach in our back pocket, but perhaps an actor friend, a movie buff colleague, a best mate who is brutally honest? A dog. Even if you don't have an expert at least deliver it to a living being. It helps!




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