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Day 7 (Part II) - To Call Back or Not To Call Back

Posted Date: 12 December 2011 at 10:48:32AM

I meet Mum at one of our more upscale locals for a refreshing glass of celebratory Italian Prosecco and give her all the details of my audition. I try to act nonchalant about the call back. I tell her I'm just happy that I completed the process in good form, that I stretched myself and took a risk and that I showed up. By the second glass of wine it's nearing five o'clock and I'm a nervous Nelly.


She gets a twinkle in her eye, "But I thought you were going to be pleased with the outcome no matter what?" I giggle at the remark. That was total bullshit. I really want this.


Just before five o'clock I've become so absorbed in our conversation that I forget what I'm waiting for. My phone rings and for a second I think it might be a client calling. Then I remember and grapple with the phone with slippery fingers from the bowl of chips we've ordered. I can barely breathe I'm so excited.


It's Craig, General Manager at ACA, and he delivers some delightful news.


I hang up, look at Mum and can barely wipe the stupid smile off my face for the rest of the evening...or the next day for that matter.


It's Thursday and my call back is in exactly one week, but I barely have time to think about it I'm so busy. Duty calls, but at least my heart is singing.




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