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Day 8 - Call Back Day!

Posted Date: 12 December 2011 at 12:06:10PM

The call back begins with a meet-and-greet with Course Director Simon Hunt and other Actors Centre Australia tutors. Today the head of movement is here to lead us in a warm up. We walk around the room slow, then fast, sometimes reaching for the ceiling, sometimes low to the ground. We wink at each other, shake our booties, jump, jog, make shapes and generally make fools of ourselves. We even cat walk to Beyonce and strike poses at the tutors. I guarantee this doesn't happen at certain other fine dramatic institutions that may or may not start with the letter ‘N'. Yes, it's silly, but we're warm and relaxed. Copious amounts of nervous energy have been expelled.


Afterward Hunt leads us in a few focus exercises as a group and then it's straight into the work. We sit in a large circle in the performance space and there's no time to get re-nervous because my name is called first.


We are given instruction that this is an interactive exercise and are invited to direct our pieces to the group in the circle and the tutors who sit at a long table beyond the circle. We are only to start with the first line of our speech and will be given direction from there by Hunt who sits in the circle with us.


I begin my Viola as I rehearsed it and quickly the piece begins to transform. Hunt is firing out directions: that last line again, quadruple that choice, make it bigger, tell someone at the back of the room, now tell someone else, now yell it to the heavens, again, again, again, you think that's funny, you think that's hilarious, it's the funniest thing that's ever occurred to you...


My piece grows big and small, full of life one moment, contained the next. Each line has a different action and I am having ludicrous amounts of fun. I don't want it to end. Right before it does, I'm on my knees giggling (in character), and everyone in the room is laughing too. They're engaged and it's the best feeling in the world to receive such a response from an audience. Then suddenly it's over. I've had a round of applause, been thanked by Hunt and am back in the circle watching the next performer. I've just had the most fun of my life. Dear God this is what I've been missing. It's what I live for. This is why I want to act and this is only an audition!


The rest of the afternoon is spent watching my fellow actors perform their pieces in the same dynamic way and there are a few solid performances. Some enjoy it, some are perhaps too nervous to enjoy it, but regardless I am grateful to share in this, it takes courage.


Finally the speeches are done. A handful of actors are called upon to work more and I enjoy being a spectator. Unlike the others who have had to wait all day to perform I've been relaxing!


Hunt wraps up by speaking to us about what will happen now, what we can expect, some facts about the school and program. Thankfully we will have an answer by next week. Phew!


I exit into the downpour that began somewhere between "I left no ring with her. What means this lady?" and "No! Nobody's hanging himself, Willy!" I say goodbye to my new acquaintances and head for Central Station. My umbrella isn't doing much good considering my thongs and sleeveless top and there's a chill in the air. It's the top of rush hour and a pursed-lip lady at the bus stop barks at me to go to the back of the queue for a bus I'm not even taking, but nothing can bring me down. I'm walking on sunshine. I rose to the occasion, did what was asked and, most importantly, I had fun. I let go. Whether or not I get a call next week I'll always have this shining moment and I'm certain there are more to come because this has confirmed everything I already know. I love this. I will do this with or without the gift of training at an exceptional institution like ACA and I know that's just what they would want.


Stay tuned until next week when I will find out if ACA is in my near future. Fingers and toes are firmly crossed, but I will willingly uncross them, keep sunshine in my gait and find another avenue if need be.


For now, I am unstoppable.





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