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Final Outcome

Posted Date: 20 December 2011 at 03:16:48PM

I suppose, when one is so inspired and empowered by an experience, the needlepoint of rejection doesn't sting as much...


Yeah right!


I received the ‘rejection' email (which was actually quite eloquent and encouraging) the day before I was expecting a phone call inviting me to enroll. It didn't matter how positive I had felt about the audition and call back, as soon as I read it I resorted back to a quivering infant! I experienced the whole gamut of negative human emotion in about thirty seconds. A frenzy of anger, sadness, fear and doubt all came bubbling to the surface as quickly as my confidence dissipated to a puddle around my feet.


But, no matter, if every actor succumbed to the pain of rejection and let it stop them from pursuing what they love then there would be no one to aspire to. The fact remains that every actor must experience rejection at some point in their career no matter how confident and talented they may be.


This is a business and sometimes business is perceived as unkind. Ultimately, when the success of a program, product, event, project, etc is at stake and the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, one must accept that their potential talent, expertise, leadership, skill, drive or countless other qualities are not required. This doesn't mean we are to halt our dreams where we stand, but instead glean what gems of knowledge we can from the experience and continue in pursuit of what we love and what makes our hearts sing. If our intentions are true then hopefully, when the time is right, we will act on an opportunity that is so utterly perfect we'll wonder why we were ever disappointed about the other thing in the first place!


If there is anything I leave you with, dear readers, it's the confidence that I am where I am meant to be at this moment and in this place are you. Embrace what experiences you are given, learn from them and when you're ready the right opportunity will present itself.


My greatest thanks go to Actors Centre Australia for considering me for their program and to the other actors I was lucky enough to watch and share jelly legs with.






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