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Posted Date: 13 March 2012 at 02:06:45PM

Are you a professional actor? A beginner actor? No matter your experience, understanding the wheels of the industry and how to oil them is an important part of your career.


Although many of us are creative types who love to be free and open to the creative process, business is a large part of a career in our industry. If it weren't for the business of 'The Biz' none of us would have jobs and be paid to do what we love.


Thus, it's important to nurture that often neglected side of what we do it well.


In this debut Kari Harris Casting Webinar, Kari discusses the business of showbiz and what it means for the actor.


Watch this webinar recording if you would like to learn invaluable tips to broaden your industry knowledge, increase your profile and rev up your career.


Please note, there were some technical difficulties during the live recording and it drops out briefly toward the end, but the recording continues after a few minutes.









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