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Social Media + Actors = Smart Marketing Tool

Posted Date: 23 May 2012 at 03:05:16PM

So who's feeling like there's a hand up in their face in terms of landing a gig? Thanks to the GFC and low cost offshore film productions in countries like Canada taking big budget jobs away from the Aussie industry, it is becoming increasingly difficult for even the most talented Aussie actors to earn decent bread. Even large overseas markets like Hollywood are feeling the crunch with reality TV contributing to the dwindling number of pilots filmed in L.A. each year. So how can Aussie actors market themselves to an increasingly competitive market?

Whether you're promoting your latest role in a low-budget theatre production or just trying to get your face and name out there, the internet has become an invaluable tool for self-promotion. Social networking is a cheap alternative to fancy print material and glossy headshots sent in the mail and, with technology at our ever-more-adept fingertips, user generated content rules. Here are a few better known websites to get familiar with.



It's not just for Gen Y anymore. Entrepreneurs, bands, musicians, businesses, actors and other artists are all doing their best to make the most of the Godfather of social networking sites. Actors are having success using the Events application to create and display events online to a vast network of peers and industry contacts. These event pages act as digital billboards for productions. Actors can also create their own personal status updates, groups and fan pages and theatres can promote their organizations in the same manner.

If you've been living in the Paleolithic era and haven't joined facebook yet, get online, it's free! This is a quick way to boost impressions and get your profile into cyberspace.

For those savvy actors who already have facebook, you may not be privy to some simple etiquette. It is a key tip to have a page for your acting that is separate from your personal profile. Casting directors and other industry contacts don't want to see saucy photos of you and your friends getting loose in the Cross on the weekend, read about your latest dating disaster or how you just can't get enough of Gaga's latest release. Keep your page professional with acting shots, links to your showreel and updates on what productions you're currently involved in.



For those of us with less time on our hands, Twitter asks one simple question, "What are you doing?" and gives us a limit of 140 characters to explain what's happening in our universe. Twitter's streamlined design has made it accessible from almost anywhere. You could be sitting in the waiting room at an audition and tweeting from your smart phone about the experience. You might even be able to pick up some tips to ease the nerves from a fellow tweeter. From swapping useful information and rich media like photos and videos to shamelessly promoting your latest gig and connecting with celebrities and mentors, with Twitter, anything is possible.


For a one-stop-social-media-shop, link your Twitter account to your facebook page, YouTube account, etc and update all of your followers simultaneously.

YouTube and Vimeo

Unless you're one of those people who still hasn't swapped their VHS to DVD and are scratching their head, looking confused, going "What the bleep is BluRay?", you probably know about YouTube and maybe you've heard of Vimeo. Anyone can create and post videos to the web and many actors are using one or both of these sites to upload Showreels, links to their latest short film, audition pieces and much more. We know one actor who gave herself a 30 Day Character Challenge where she uploaded a different character monologue every day for 30 days. Talk about making the most of spare time when out of work! It was an impressive feat and would have kept her sharp on the down days. So it can serve more than one purpose. Get creative and use it to your advantage in terms of not only self-promotion, but your craft as well.





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