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Tips for Marketing Yourself as an Actor

Posted Date: 12 June 2008 at 03:48:10PM

You, as an actor, are a business. A product. That's why you need to market yourself like a business and sell your


It's good to email a casting director your headshot and resume with a link to your showreel, but casting professionals are busy people with a high volume of daily incoming correspondence. It's easy for your email to get lost in the fluctuating mass that is their inbox. A more effective strategy is to use old fashioned methods. Send a small postcard via the post with your professional photo and contact details and you will stand out from the crowd. Be creative, avoid monster sized packages and keep it simple.


Other ideas are invitations to your next play or the screening of a short film you're starring in. Better yet, a showreel, but not on DVD, a simple invitation to view the reel on your website. It's less expensive and more valuable in the long term than numerous hard copies, you can update it frequently, the casting director won't feel guilty about throwing it in the bin, once they've viewed it, and it's kinder to the environment.


Grab attention using an old fashioned method, but direct them to your modern web page, thus revealing that you are professional, smart and industry ready. If you've got the talent to match your savvy then you're sure to land the role.


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