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KHC is a boutique casting consultancy based in Sydney, Australia and we may be small, but we think big. Our clients choose us for our high level of care, efficiency, professionalism and friendliness. Since 2004 KHC has become one of the most successful casting consultancies in Australia.

Using modern technology KHC provides the best casting service whether our clients are in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Asia, North America or the U.K. KHC delivers a comprehensive and procreative casting service using online casting technology and studio facilities at Fox Studios, Australia.

The online service facilitated by The Audition Room at Fox allows for convenient global collaboration and efficiency in all of our casting projects.

KHC has a philanthropic philosophy and a green attitude and we make as many charitable contributions throughout the year as possible. Please take a look at Our Work page to see examples of some of our recent charitable projects.



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